Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is one of the core services offered by Technogogues It Solutions. We work directly with customers to create innovative, effective mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. Our development team builds enterprise-level applications for a range of businesses.

Our application development is linked directly to your goals. With a clear strategy, we illustrate how an application will serve your audience and the respective goals it has to fulfil. We design a user interface and functionality to achieve your goals, planning a user journey and delivering in the development phase ahead of expectations.

Technogogues tests all mobile applications before release. We are happy to help market, maintain and provide analytics insight for your mobile application. Our development team has worked with both large and small clients to deliver full-cycle applications to budget and ahead of time. Our proficient mobile app developers in India has helped business owners to market their services faster by 60%. We offer complete turnkey solutions for web apps, i.e. You need not to worry about complex API integrations, toolkit premium upgrades, cross-platform linking and languages.

Android App Development
  • Android Software Development Kit
  • Android Media APIs
  • Android Security Architecture
  • Other Building, Testing and Debugging Applications Tools

Whether your purpose for making an app is employee enhancement, multimedia application or contest based app for increased customer interaction, we have covered all for you. India based Technogogues android app development team searches every possibility of enhancing a particular feature, so as to make it completely applicable for a particular target.

Windows App Development

Windows OS still owns the pride for most number of users (technical and Non-technical) in the world. The powerful OS is now geared into mobiles phone, the need of windows app development in India is only going to increase exponentially. Technogogues IT Solutions of India have steadily sail on their success of building high-end windows apps to become an esteemed windows app development company in Kota, Rajasthan & Indore, M.P., India.

iPad App Development

Our lives are surrounded by technology and ever changing gadgets these days and iPad is one of them. Most of our daily regime can be solved by our e-devices and Technogogues's iPad app developers in India is helping clients across the globe to turn their app idea into a real one. We at Technogogues knows the reality of running a single App across millions of devices. This forces us to do out-of-the-box research to combat the ever increasing demand of ipad app development services in India. From business Apps to 3D games, we have developed many kind of apps and accomplished milestones for our clients. Being a proud contributor to this industry, we have developed most complex operations and still were able to make it look so elegant for the user.

iPhone App Development

With a net worth of almost 1.2 trillion dollars, Apple is the most valuable company in the world and iPhone generates more than 70% of its revenue every year. Technogogues’s app developers in India brings the joy to every iPhone user by developing apps with precision and finesse at the same time. With grooming changes in the UX section and more tension for developers, iphone app development company in Kota & Indore, India takes the responsibility of developing quality driven apps, no matter what riddle they face. Areas like advanced search algos, 3D touch, harnessing GPU rendering and other numerous modifications have changed the way of developing an App for iPhone.

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